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Elder Law vs. Estate Planning

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Elder Law Attorney in Gainesville, FL

Elder Law is a specialized area of the law that addresses issues particularly relevant to elders and those who care for them. Elder Law attorneys are knowledgeable about public benefits programs (Medicaid and Veterans benefits); powers of attorney, wills as well as trusts. They can protect the elder from exploitation or abuse and also advise on issues related to nursing home care.

Elder Law Attorneys assist with probate and trust administration and manage post mortem issues. Many are also skilled in special needs planning for disabled persons.

For any inquiries, you may contact the Law Offices of Marilyn C Belo today. We provide legal advice tailored to the unique needs of elders and their families with a commitment to compassion and cooperative approach.

Elder Law vs. Estate Planning

Elder law focuses on the needs and best interests of elders. An elder law attorney aids in developing a plan that will answer legal questions that emerge as a person ages such as: “Who will be able to make decisions for me if I am unable to make decisions for myself?” They do this  by working with elders and sometimes also with their loved ones and family members to create a  plan which will allow the elder to live as independently and autonomously as possible for as long as possible.  This plan may include preparing durable powers of attorney, health care surrogate designations, living wills, trusts and will.  Elder law attorneys may assist clients identify suitable housing options and qualify for government or public benefits also advise clients about how their financial needs can be met in order to pay for the care  they need or may need in the future.

An estate planning attorney works with clients to create plans mindful of tax issues in life and for the distribution of property at death.

The goal of an estate planning attorney is to create a plan that answers the question of “What will happen after I have passed on?”  Whereas an elder law attorney creates a long term plan that answers the question of “What will happen while I am still alive?”