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Special Needs Planning And More For The Differently Abled

Some of us are blessed to have differently-abled friends and family members. With careful planning, friends and families can provide for their loved ones with special needs. If you have questions about planning for the well-being and best interests of a differently-abled person, the Gainesville Law Office of Marilyn C. Belo can help.

Your estate plan can provide for funds to be identified solely for the benefit of your loved one and still preserve public benefits. It may be that the differently-abled person is capable of preparing life documents for themselves and we can help with that. If circumstances warrant, guardianship may be appropriate and we can also help there. Let’s talk about trusts, long-term care and other aspects of estate planning addressing special needs.

Listening to your concerns and understanding the law, we can help develop plans that provide for all the people in your life. My staff and I are here for you.

For information and assistance planning for a differently-abled person, contact my law firm by calling (352) 448-4500 or by completing our online inquiry form.