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About Guardianships In Florida

When an individual becomes physically or mentally unwell and unable to care for themselves or their responsibilities, a guardianship may be warranted. The process of establishing guardianship involves removing rights from one person and delegating them to another person. Guardianship should always be the last resort in a situation where someone lacks capacity. A situation where guardianship is often appropriate is where the person has not done any “life documents” such as power of attorney, or health care surrogate or for some reason those documents are not meeting their needs. Other circumstances where guardianship is appropriate to include persons born with developmental disabilities or in certain situations for minors. Whatever situation such as these that you face, you deserve compassionate guidance and clear answers.

At the Law Office of Marilyn C. Belo in Gainesville, I will provide you with the information guidance to navigate through the options and identify the solution best for your situation and the best interests of the person who may need help. If guardianship is not the appropriate option, I will help you understand the specifics and pursue the right solution, such as preparing a health care surrogate or power or attorney.

What Guardianship Is About

Guardianship is the judicial process of finding someone to lack capacity to manage their affairs, removing certain legal rights we all have then delegating these rights to another person who must then serve the best interest of the incapacitated person.

Many cases of guardianship involve taking care of family members suffering from dementia, traumatic brain injuries or other cases impacting cognitive abilities. The goal of guardianship is to protect the vulnerable person and assure their well-being. These are often sensitive cases which can involve challenging family relationships/history and personal dynamics. I am attorney Marilyn C. Belo, known as Lynn to my family, friends and trusting clients. I welcome the opportunity to get to know you, the situation, your concerns and help you discover the best way forward if you are confronting this situation.

Further Questions About Guardianship?

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