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Medicaid Planning Attorney Serving The Gainesville Community And More

Many people hear the term “Medicaid” and regard it as a government-run program that will never affect them personally. However, Medicaid can suddenly become important when someone unexpectedly needs long-term care, which can be very expensive.

People often find the costs of long-term care overwhelming and for many families, even those who never imagined they would need to consider public benefits to pay for care for a loved one, now find that option needs to be considered. An elder law attorney, such as myself, can provide much-needed guidance. Many people find it hard to navigate the Medicaid system once they need help.

I am estate planning and elder law attorney Marilyn C. Belo, known to my family, friends and clients in and around Gainesville as Lynn. I am available to help you understand the eligibility requirements, analyze your personal situation and review how you or your loved one might qualify for Medicaid benefits or other sources of funding to cover long-term care.

Medicaid Programs That May Apply To You

Qualifying for Medicaid benefits requires a careful review of income and assets. The regulations for eligibility are complex. However, with the assistance of an attorney familiar with the different Medicaid programs and eligibility requirements, you may discover that you qualify to receive benefits.

The best time to plan for a potential need for long-term care is long before you need benefits. Why? Because with the benefit of time there may be more options to explore and better utilize assets. Additionally, estate planning documents can be drafted to protect against future events that might impact eligibility.

However, life being as it is, it is not always possible to have time to plan; emergencies happen. We have the knowledge and experience to help you in a crisis situation that requires immediate eligibility for the services.

Let My Law Firm Provide The Guidance That You Need To Plan Well

I understand the fear and worries that accompany many people’s requests for legal advice about Medicaid planning and long-term care financing.  I urge you to look over your options long before you need them, if possible. However, I can also help you tackle time-sensitive long-term care needs.

As an experienced Medicaid planning attorney, I can help you make timely, wise choices. Contact the Law Office of Marilyn C. Belo at (352) 448-4500 or send an email inquiry to schedule a consultation.