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Ideas for Safety Proofing Homes for Seniors

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2016 | Firm News |

As our loved ones age it is important that they feel safe and comfortable in their homes. Although, the design and safety features needed in a home can vary from person to person, here are a few general ideas of how to ensure that your loved ones are safe and happy in their homes.

1.) One of the more common dangers to elderly people in their homes are bathtubs. It might be in their best interest to incorporate a non-slippery, “step in” shower with grab bars to ensure stability when bathing.  Nonskid mats or strips placed in the shower or bottom of the tub might also prevent slips and falls.

2.) It is also important to ensure that the floor when getting out of the shower is not slippery as well as any floors in the house. Make sure that there are no rugs that can easily cause someone to trip. For example, throw rugs and wires.

3.) Installing grab bars in the shower or around the tub will assist with entry and exit and also provide support and stability if someone feels unsteady on their feet.

4.) Make sure that there is sufficient lighting in the home to lessen the chances of someone tripping over an object or bumping into something.

5.) Make sure that objects are within reach of the person (especially in the kitchen) so that they do not need a stepping stool or to bend down to retrieve an object.

6.) Have a phone available in the bedroom and bathroom or other frequented rooms in the home so that if in an emergency your loved one needs to call someone and is unable to move, they will have the phone within reaching distance.

7.) If necessary incorporate ramps inside and outside of the home to lessen the chances of anyone tripping over a forgotten step or an uneven walkway.