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Senior Safety Tips For Hurricane Season

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2020 | Firm News |

Do you think that hurricane season seems to be getting progressively worse over the years? Storms appear to be more severe and cause more widespread damage. It stands to reason that your preparations should consider these facts.

Whereas in the past, you may have chosen to stay in your home to weather whatever mother nature decided to rain down, the same strategy might not be possible today. You should at least be prepared for any eventuality and be ready to go if and when the time comes. Let us take a moment to discuss a few ways that you can prepare yourself for hurricane season.

  • Prepare a list of emergency numbers. Having a list written out can make it fast and easy to get in touch with important people should the need arise. It will also help emergency personnel if you are in a situation where you cannot speak for yourself.
  • Pack a bag and keep it handy. Throw in enough clothes for a few days, plus toiletries, an extra pair of shoes, and a week’s worth of medications.
  • Make copies of relevant documents, like insurance policies, your Medicare card, and your medication record. Keep them in a water-tight container or a zip-lock bag so they will stay dry.
  • Do you have pets? Call your vet and seek out local shelters to find out if they can keep your fur babies safe in the event of an evacuation and plan to get them there should you have to leave your home. Do not leave them behind! Get out your carriers and keep them handy.
  • Enlist a friend, neighbor, or relative to help you in case of an emergency. Make arrangements to check in with them on the phone periodically, and give them a copy of your emergency contact numbers so they can let your loved ones know you are okay.
  • Be sure to keep extra PPE on hand. Keep a supply of face masks, hand sanitizer, and disposable gloves in all of your carry-ons. It never hurts to be well-protected, especially if there is a possibility of having to be sheltered with others.

If you are concerned about preparations for hurricane season, we are here to help. Schedule a call with our office today.