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Why Experience Matters

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2020 | Firm News |

At Belo Law, we have a proven track record of commitment to our community and our clients that you can be confident in. While the world continues to grapple with the far reaching impacts of the COVID-19 crisis, having an attorney with experience in the critical matters associated with estate planning and elder law can bring you much needed calm in the middle of the storm we have all found ourselves in.

Attorney Lynn Belo remains committed to the Gainesville community as demonstrated by her involvement in important community groups. She currently serves on the boards of The Eighth Judicial Bar Association, the Hailes Angels Pet Rescue, and St. Francis Catholic High School. Her dedication to local causes reflects her deep level of care for her clients.

In these times of crisis, as the COVID-19 pandemic persists, you can be confident in her knowledge and experience in the area of estate planning. It is with this period of so much uncertainty, as the nation struggles with a health crisis, that our firm persists in serving our clients and community who need us now more than ever. If anything, the COVID-19 pandemic has reminded us that nothing in life is guaranteed.  Therefore, with that in mind, there are important legal tools one can put in place to provide certain safeguards in the face of an otherwise uncertain future. In knowing the intricacies of estate planning, Attorney Belo looks to help her clients find peace of mind amidst what can sometimes feel like chaos.

Attorney Belo is also a Florida Bar Board Certified Attorney in Elder Law, a designation earned through recognition of a high level of professionalism and tested expertise in this area. Elder law is different from estate planning and involves the many complexities that can be involved as we age. It addresses critical concerns regarding long term care planning. A solid plan can allow a person access to resources which will help secure comfort long into his or her golden years.

Having an attorney with experience helping your community and helping clients in the areas of estate planning and elder law means that you have an attorney that really cares about you and your loved ones. Experience in these specific areas of law means that your attorney has first hand knowledge of the laws and systems in place that impact estate plans and matters associated with elder law. For experience you can count on, please reach out to our office to schedule an appointment.