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“Sustainable:” Liveable, endurable, supportable. The ability to keep going.

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Life happens, if we are lucky and aging is just another stage of life.  Aging is certainly preferable to the alternative!

Each life stage presents its own challenges and we respond. Our strength and independence increase with the challenges we meet at each stage.

As an elder law firm, we at the Law Office of Marilyn C. Belo see many people in states of confusion and fear (“deer in the headlight” phenomenon) when they first confront age-related issues.  We want to reduce this fear and help you more feel in control by taking a holistic approach to elderhood.

With age, we may confront new physical aches and pains, forgetfulness, worries about where to live and fear that we will outlive our money. The sustainable senior embraces this life stage and plans to remain in control of their health, life and finances. How do we navigate these challenges and remain independent, strong and in control of our life?

Your Subject Matter Expert Team

Parents, teachers, friends, job coaches were all parts of a team that helped us face past challenges.   As seniors, we need to build our team. This team will include subject matter experts (SMEs)  to guide, advise and help.

The SME Team should include people knowledgeable in different areas: health, housing, finances, legal, medical and psychology / social matters. As a firm committed to serving the needs of elders we want to be part of your sustainable senior SME team. We want you to be a totally sustainable senior.

We provide the following services to support sustainable seniors:

  • Legal: “Life planning documents” such as durable powers of attorney- to help you manage your property and health care surrogates to help with medical decision making. By executing these documents when you are competent you appoint the people you trust to help you when you cannot act for yourself.  We also help with trusts,  wills, planning for persons with special needs and pet trusts.
  • Public benefits planning: When health needs demand increased care and support there are public benefits available if you qualify to pay some or most of the care costs. Eligibility standards are different between programs and we can help with identifying the most suitable program and assist with qualifying for the benefits.

Sustainable Senior Seminars

In 2022, the Law Office of Marilyn C. Belo will be presenting a series of seminars focusing on the Sustainable Senior.  The initial seminar will take a broad look at the subject matters that we believe are most relevant to being a sustainable senior. Following the initial session, currently scheduled for February 3, 2022, in Gainesville, Florida (call (352) 448-4500 for more details on time and location). Following our initial session, there will be subject matter-specific sessions where we will drill down on financial, housing, medical, legal, social/psychological issues that may be of concern or about which you may want more information.

The best time to start to build your team is before a crisis creates an immediate need. So why not start now?  There is no one way or best way to start to build your team, the only thing that really matters is to start and today; now is not too soon.  We hope you will contact us. We would like to be on your team.