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Children with special needs often benefit from evacuation planning

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Thousands of families in Florida and many in Gainesville have children with special needs ranging from developmental conditions like autism spectrum disorders to physical conditions. There are disabling medical conditions that may leave people dependent on medical support or at extremely high risk if they suffer physical trauma or develop an infection.

Those with a family member who has special needs typically have to plan many aspects of their lives more carefully than they otherwise would. The possibility of an evacuation in the future is something that the family needs to address ahead of time. Families typically need a solid evacuation plan when they have a family member with special needs. Parents and guardians can make certain arrangements ahead of time to better support the evacuation challenges faced by a family member with special needs.

Safe transportation

Some people require wheelchair vans, and not every family can afford to own one. Parents or caregivers may need to have a service on call for an emergency such as an evacuation. Other times, such as in scenarios where someone requires life support, they may require non-emergency ambulance transportation or similar arrangements. Reaching out to local professionals ahead of time will mean that parents don’t have to do key research at a time when demand will be high and businesses will start shutting down due to the evacuation. People also need a destination that can provide the support their child requires.

Medical equipment and extra medication

Some people with special needs require a supplemental oxygen supply. Others may be completely dependent on certain medications to keep themselves healthy. In both scenarios, parents with special needs children may need to plan ahead to have enough prescription medication or other medical supplies on hand to meet a child’s needs for the duration of the evacuation process and the first few days after getting established in a different location.

A list of items needed for comfort

Especially if a child has struggled with severe illness or has developmental disabilities, they may rely on certain items for comfort. From weighted blankets to plush toys that they need to sleep at night, there may be certain items that absolutely need to come with the family when they evacuate. Having a list of those items ready to go means that parents won’t have to worry about forgetting something in an emergency situation.

Putting together an evacuation plan ahead of time can enhance the safety and quality of life of family members with special needs when the Gainesville region becomes too dangerous.